And Yet Another Blog…

Posted on 05 April 2007  •  Permalink  •  Category misc

As if there aren’t enough blogs already out there on the internet. Still, here is my first post to my own weblog at To start, I’ll try to explain why I am starting my new blog.

While I am working, traveling, and sometimes even when I am sleeping, I can have interesting, clarifying thoughts — at least, for me they are. The last couple of years I have been carrying small notebooks, wrinkled sheets of paper, large notebooks, and more kinds of paper in some or other form, to write down these thoughts as they crossed my mind.

So I decided, why not go digital with these notes? All those notebooks finally get lost anyway. Besides that, they are a real PITA to search through. Especially for that one topic you are so eager to re-read. That’s when I started evaluating the different options to start making my notes digitally accessible. That would make searching much easier. Moreover, using my notes as a base for a (digital) document would become possible. After several options (considering a Wiki as a viable option too), I ended up looking at blogs. Although being over-popular, I still liked the idea of having a blog. I investigated one piece of blog software further: Wordpress.

Wordpress was mighty easy to install and configure. I had it running in about 10 minutes. Even on my G4 Powerbook, running Mac OS X. While my Apache, PHP and MySQL experience was Linux only. I played around with it for a couple of hours. I was fully convinced. The next day I went and bought, and here you are: my first blog post. Ever.

Diving into the technical details already, even on my first post, haha. Yes, this is supposed to be(come) a technical blog, but I intended to explain why I am starting this blog…

That is, I want to write down my thoughts - mostly thoughts on software design and development related matters. And a good piece of blog software is, after a bit of research I think, the kind software to digitally order your thoughts. As a free bonus, you can share your writings easily. You can even let people comment on them.

Accepting these bonuses, is my shiny new notebook.