Google Nexus One: YAAP

Posted on 16 March 2010  •  Permalink  •  Category misc

In the past six months I could not put up and resist my tech-innards wanting a smartphone anymore. I had almost bought an iPhone last year, after which I impatiently was awaiting Google’s launch of the Nexus One, only to find out it would only be available in the US the first months after its initial release. I was seriously considering importing one, so this month it was time to finally make up my mind: iPhone or Android.

After reading and viewing many technical comparisons (I especially liked TechnoBuffalo’s review video), I was still in doubt. Although the Nexus One is technically a very capable phone and Android is certainly a promising platform, Apple’s iPhone kind of still kept “feeling” better. Then I found Boy Genius’ Personal Thoughts about Android, which pushed me all the way over to the iPhone camp again. I too am missing the soul in Andriod. The little robot logo is cute, but it seems to me that that is almost the only thing that’s consistent.

So I wasn’t surprised by today’s Gizmodo article stating that The Nexus One is a Total Flop. Well, to me, the Nexus One is simply Yet Another Andriod Phone [1].

[1]But hey, I might have become a little biased, after using an iPhone for the past 11 days.