XBMC Remote Control for iPad 1.1.0

Earlier this week Apple approved a minor update to XBMC Remote Control for iPad, so version 1.1.0 is now available for download on the App Store. This update brings support for setting username and password to connect with XBMC. It also fixes some minor issues: sending return key code from iPad keyboard when XBMC virtual keyboard is active and improved keyboard handling for windows with edit controls. If you’re wondering what’s this XBMC Remote Control for iPad is all about, here’s a little demo video to see it in action:

I originally built XBMC setup to replace my iPod that was struck by lightning, but besides music, I’m using XBMC very often too now to watch TV shows, movies, etc. To watch a TV show episode or movie you’re gonna have to have your TV turned on, so I mostly use XBMC’s on-screen menu to select the item to watch. That’s why I focused first on remote control in version 1.x. However, to turn on some music, it would be very nice if I wouldn’t have to turn on my TV to use my app for that purpose. So I’m now spending the time on my app working on support for browsing XBMC’s music library and being able to play artists, albums and individual songs from the music library. I’m planning that to be the next major update.