XBMC Remote Control for iPad 1.2.0 —- Music Library Support

As of today, version 1.2.0 of XBMC Remote Control for iPad, is available for download on the App Store. I have spent much of my free time on implementing music library support and I am very happy with the result. Being able to browse and play music from my XBMC library using my iPad as a remote control is for me —- apart from basic remote control —- the most important feature. That’s why I spent a lot of time polishing this feature. A short screencast demoing the new interface:

The artist, album and song information is cached locally on your iPad. The same for album thumbnails (which are downloaded and cached the first time you browse the album). This is mainly done for speed and UI responsiveness, but it enables browsing your music library without being connected to XBMC as well. Various artists are supported, as well as unknown albums (holding songs that are not associated with an album). You can play an album starting with a specific song, shuffle an album, and play or shuffle all albums by a single artist.

I will be updating the page dedicated to XBMC Remote Control for iPad with new screenshots and description of the new features very soon.