XBMC Remote Control for iPad 1.3.0

Another update of XBMC Remote Control for iPad has hit the App Store. This time it is a maintenance update with some minor bug fixes. Besides that, I added Quartz2D UIImage resizing code for album art thumbnails in the music browser and for thumbnails shown in the now playing view, which improves the interpolation quality of the downscaled images. Also, the connectivity indicator will also show when larger items are being downloaded from XBMC, such as music library updates, thumbnails, etc.

Last, but certainly not least, I added preliminary support for XBMC’s nightly builds. I used the build from August 8 (a1c2947) to implement the changes for the upcoming Eden release. I’ll do my best to keep up with the nightly builds, but I will only be able to start guaranteeing Eden compatibility when the RC releases start. For now, any change developers might make to the JSON-RPC interface in XBMC might break compatibility.

For more information on XBMC Remote Control for iPad, you can also take a look at the (updated) dedicated page.