XBMC Remote Control for iPad 1.4.0 — TV Show Library Support

The latest update of XBMC Remote Control for iPad adds long-awaited support for browsing your TV shows library and directly starting an episode from inside the browser; you can get the latest version from the App Store. I’ve re-used the concept for browsing an artist’s albums for browsing a TV show’s seasons and episodes and I think the result works very well. For screenshots check out XBMC Remote Control for iPad’s dedicated page.

Besides some minor improvements and bug fixes I also implemented the support for the changes in the nightly builds made on September 5. I tested with the build from September 10 (caab280), which worked for me. Builds from before September 6 are *not* supported anymore, so please make sure to update XBMC if you encounter problems with nightly builds. Again, I’ll do my best to keep up with the JSON-RPC developments, but I cannot guarantee anything until RC cycles start.

I know this is only half of full video library support, but I’m working hard on movie support though. So more features to come soon.