Migrated to Pelican

Posted on 13 March 2013  •  Permalink  •  Category misc

When I started this site, all I wanted was a place to pin down my thoughts. Back in 2007, I chose WordPress to be the backend of Code-muse.com. It’s been almost 6 years, my requirements for this site have changed and there’s been some interesting changes in the technology landscape with respect to web development and blogging in these years.

Besides writing down an occasional blog post, Code-muse.com has become the home of Remote Control for XBMC as well. I was getting tired of having to use WPs web backend to edit the posts and pages, and most of the time was copy/pasting text to/from Vim. So I was actually wondering why I didn’t choose to use a static website generator in the first place. Maybe they weren’t as popular in 2006 as they are now.

I’ve took some time to check out several popular static blog/site generators and finally settled with Pelican, a Python based static site generator. I’m not really into Ruby, which is why I didn’t go for Jeckyll or Octopress. I checked Hyde, which looks promising, but there’s almost no documentation for Hyde, whereas Pelican’s documentation is excellent. As far as I can tell at this moment, I am quite content with Pelican.

So here it is; a statically served all new Code-muse.com.