Redesign and iPhone XBMC Remote

After I finished iPhone support in Remote Control for XBMC I decided that its landing page was definitely overdue for an update. That lead me to decide to also overhaul the technology I’m using for this site. A new engine and a new design, should be four weeks I thought, and a nice moment to launch iPhone support with a new dedicate page. Those four weeks turned into four months, because while I was redesigning my site we also redesigned and refurbished our bathroom in our house. Although there are many similarities in the design process, I can tell you redesigning a website definitively doesn’t result in the amount of dust you get from redesigning a bathroom.

So even though the Remote Control for XBMC 2.0.0 update with iPhone and iPod touch support is already available on the App Store for four months (to be precise, it was accepted by Apple on March 12), today, I’m officially launching my new design and a beautifully redesigned Remote Control for XBMC landing page.

In the meantime I’ve also released a 2.0.1 update with a few fixes which is currently the latest version available for download in the App Store. Besides support for iPhone and iPod touch, here’s a summary of the changes in 2.0.0 and 2.0.1:

  • Added rewind/fast-forward buttons for small skips (tap) and seeking (tap-and-hold).
  • Previous/next buttons act as big skips when video is playing.
  • Better time formatting for TV show episodes and songs.
  • Odd rows in iPad are now colored differently.
  • Redesigned missing album, TV show, movie, audio and video art.
  • Add setting to prefer posters over banners (only supported for Frodo).
  • Fix vertical alignment of down button on retina displays.
  • Fix bugs with processing (large) library updates.
  • Fix crash with Frodo when loading TV shows that have no associated banner or poster art.
  • Fix issue with illegal unicode characters in thumbnail paths when XBMC runs on Mac OS.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Lastly, with the release of XBMC 12.0 (Frodo), Remote Control for XBMC does not support XBMC 10.0 (Dharma) anymore. Please upgrade your XBMC installation if you are still using XBMC 10.0.